Ágnes Korsós

Current Management Position

Project Director - Residential Development


Ágnes Korsós joined Futureal in 2015 as Project Director being responsible for Cordia's residential developments.

Currently she is working on developing 1,000 flats built in various phases at four different locations.

Before joining Futureal she worked as Project Director at CPI Property Group, prior to that she worked for 7 years for ORCO Property Group as Project Manager for residential, commercial and office developments. She was responsible for various developments, ie. Avenue Gardens luxury residential project, Váci1 mixed-use commercial building or the exclusive inner space of Párisi Nagyáruház.

During her secondary school studies she was awarded twice with the Hungarian Republic's Award for Great Student-Sportsperson.

In 2005 she graduated as MSc in Architecture at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). After two-year postgraduate studies she graduated as Engineer Economist at Budapest Corvinus University in 2013.

She is still active in handball, and strongly believes that sport is a vital part of successful professional and happy private life.

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