People, planet and profit

At Futureal, we are committed to the principle of sustainability. Our aim is to balance community impact, environmental issues and economic objectives in our developments. We believe that it is possible to find a synthesis in our three-pillars approach of people+planet+profit.

We aim to decrease our carbon footprint, reduce waste, conserve natural resources, reduce our usage of energy and save money.

Our environmental policy


Futureal Group is a founding member of the Hungary Green Building Council (, which is a registered member of the World Green Building Council (, the global green network.

In different kind of development we focus on local green possibilities:

  • We are using the heat of the groundwater via heat pumps for heating and cooling on the Corvin Promenade.
  • On our office buildings we provide hot water with solar panels.
  • In the apartments of Cordia Thermal Zugló we not only give the luxury of having thermal water in the bathrooms, but we use the geothermal energy also to heat the building.
Designed by Brandart. Created by diNero in MMXII-MMXIII.
Futureal Group the founder member of IFK